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Check out our new product line for Agricultural Applications!

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Retail Steps GMS Products that cater to mainly agriculture. Our products are smart switches that monitor temperature and humidity and control devices according to settings.

Livestock Barns
Hay Storage
Grain Bins
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Smart Farming


Our focus is on grain storage. Knowing when to run your fans when the conditions are right. The Smart Switch will automatically turn on/off the fans according to your settings. In real time you can read the current temperature/humidity at your bin site, change your settings, or simply monitor the current conditions. You will need: a smart phone and WiFi at the bin site. NOTE: you can purchase a hotspot from your local cell  phone store to provide WiFi. This is a simple and affordable solution to ensure the best ROI on your investment!

Adding a temperature sensor in the grain can help identify potential problems before they arise. The Steps Bin Monitor includes a cable, up to 36’ with one temperature sensor, additional sensors can be added at an additional cost. This allows you to know your grain temperature as well as head space temperature and humidity at any time.

Humidity control: Adding a Plenum Sensor to your low temp heater gives you the precise temperature and humidity readings of what is going into your grain allowing you to dry  our grain in the bin. Control your low temp heater from your smart phone with the free downloadable app from Steps GMS.

Fogging Nozzles
Grain too dry? Add humidity using Fogging nozzles with the ability to control from your smart phone.


WiFi Temperature Probe
Need to know the temperature of your grain? This probe comes in two lengths 40” or 10’.Includes one temperature sensor and uses Wifi to send information to your Smart Phone App.

Turn anything on/off from anywhere


Do you have an indoor appliance you need to control? Monitor the temperature/humidity in your basement, livestock barn, greenhouse, storage, etc. and turn on/off fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc. from your smart phone.

Free downloadable app from Steps GMS.

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Pivot Controls

Turn your pivots on/off and monitor outside temperature & relative humidity.

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