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Pivot Controls

Turn your pivots on/off and monitor outside temperature & relative humidity.

Livestock Barns

You can control fans in the barn with a simple touch of your fingertips, without having to enter the space.

Hay Storage

Keep an eye on the temperature in your storage space to see if it's getting warmer.

Grain Bins

By running your fans at the appropriate times, you can save energy while keeping your grain at the optimum moisture level.


Receive timely readings of humidity and temperature right from your cell phone and control your fans to run at the best moments.

What do I do if my grain silos are humid?

Contact us and we will ship out one of our top products to allow you to monitor and manage your grain silo. Don't wait until the grain goes bad, call now!

How Does It Work?

The temperature and humidity of the air will control the moisture of the grain in drying and storage bins.

The Steps S2 OSPL monitors the outside air temperature and humidity. The Steps S2 Control Box will turn the fan/s on and off automatically when the temperature and humidity are according to your settings. The Steps S2 Headspace Sensor reads the headspace/exhaust air temperature and humidity. By reading the headspace temperature and humidity, you will know when the grain is dry and cooled.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Steps S2 Control Box is $270.00
The Steps S2 OSPL Sensor is $225.00
The StepsGMS app is FREE
There is no subscription fee

3 silos using steps gms affordable grain management services