How Do Grain Management Services Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for frequently asked questions about monitoring temperatures and humidity in your grain bin, you’ve come to the right place.

Yes, you can!
How long does it take to add moisture to soybeans?
Varies by airflow rate, 1 cfm per bushel takes several weeks of continuous fan operation with 70% humidity air to bring the moisture to 13%. At ½ cfm it takes twice as long.

Not with the Steps S2 System. The Steps S2 Headspace Sensor monitors the air temperature and humidity above the grain in the bin. When the fan is running it reads the temperature and humidity of the air coming through the grain.

The Steps S2 Control Box is connected to the OSPL Sensor and the Headspace Sensors through the wifi network. The app on your smartphone is connected through the wifi.

Up to a year when the sensors are indoors. Outside with the temperature and humidity changing, up to a couple of months.

It controls the fan (S2 Control Box) based on (OSPL Sensor) air temperature and humidity. Humidity is grain moisture. When you control the fan you control the moisture of the grain in the bin and less grain monitoring is required. The S2 Headspace Sensor tells you the temperature and (humidity) moisture of the grain in the bin while the fan is running. When the fan is off and the sun shines on the roof, the heat builds up under the top of the roof. When you trap warm air in the peak of the roof you create condensation.

Why does that matter?
When the warm air meets cool grain, condensation occurs on the grain, and the grain crusts over. Most of the problems in the bin start on the top surface of the grain with condensation. When the fans operate with the correct air temperature and humidity until the Headspace Sensor verifies the exhaust air temperature and humidity the grain is ready for storage. The Headspace Sensor can be set to control the fans when the grain is being stored.

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How Does It Work?

The temperature and humidity of the air will control the moisture of the grain in drying and storage bins.

The Steps S2 OSPL monitors the outside air temperature and humidity. The Steps S2 Control Box will turn the fan/s on and off automatically when the temperature and humidity are according to your settings. The Steps S2 Headspace Sensor reads the headspace/exhaust air temperature and humidity. By reading the headspace temperature and humidity, you will know when the grain is dry and cooled.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Steps S2 Control Box is $270.00
The Steps S2 OSPL Sensor is $225.00
The StepsGMS app is FREE
There is no subscription fee

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